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Urban and landscape design

About Germering:

The city of Germering is a middle sized city close to Munich and has around 40.000 inhabitants. It evolved from the two self-dependent communities Unterpfaffenhofen and Germering during the local government reform in 1978. Through the consolidation the two former town centers found themselves now lying at the periphery. Between 1961 and 1980 large-scaled residential areas developed; for an historic city center one will look desperately since it was not directly planned. Being close to Munich and having an excellent social and cultural transportation infrastructure Germering developed itself as being a popular location for living.

The concept:

Aim of the competition was to reorganize the inner urban space and landscape around the city hall, the area around the train station and its northern lying spaces. The whole area has a total of around 5.1 ha. Idea of the conceptual design was now to create connections between these existing urban structures. The vision is to establish a vivid, harmonic and urban center.

The analysis of the existing urban space revealed the following: the center of the city of Germering shows three market place-like situations, but due to the historic urban development none of these have any direct connection to one another. The solution of redefining urban space is to create two new public spaces in order to make this missing connection and furthermore a more vivid cityscape. To reach this goal implementing different leveling within the urban structure is one strategy. Another one is to link inner and open spaces to one another with creating different zones for shopping, retail and leisure.