Restoration measures monastery basilica St. Martin

The late-Gothic three-nave hall church with its west tower and the one-nave east choir, which was built around 1380 according to plans by Hans von Burghausen, is the landmark of Landshut and one of the most important architectural monuments in the region of Bavaria. The construction of the basilica and the tower took place in three major construction phases: first from ca. 1389 onwards, the choir room was built on the foundations of the old Romanesque church, which had previously stood on this site. Around 1400, the construction of the nave of the second construction phase began; the third and last section with the erection of the church tower and the main portal was officially completed around 1500.
The late-Gothic church is a classic brick building, individual ornamental parts such as the crown of a pinnacle on the tower and the frieze surrounding the buttresses are made of sand or limestone. Another special feature of the church architecture is the enormous height of the interior with 29 meters. This is made possible by the extremely slender pillars supporting the vault. The tower of the monastery basilica is also the world’s tallest brick tower with a height of approx. 130 m.
The project task was now to plan and carry out repair work on the tower of the St. Martin Abbey Basilica in Landshut during all phases of construction. This affected the following areas:

  • static and structural renovation of all wooden beam ceilings
  • Redevelopment of the natural stone branches at the lower rim of the tower helmet
  • Restoration of the natural stone balustrade at the lower rim of the tower helmet
  • Refurbishment and re-gilding of the balls on the fial tips

Renovation and extension of the belfry:

  • Creation of a new reinforced concrete support for the belfry
  • Reorganization of the bell suspension
  • Renewal of the drives
  • Renewal of the crown bars
  • Tongue adjustment
  • Static adaptation of the historic belfry
  • Raising of the historic belfry
  • Extension of the ringing from 5 to 9 bells

Furthermore, the entire electrical system of the tower was renewed and a cabinet system was installed for the central control of all the technical systems of the church in the sacristy, as well as a seat heating system was implemented as a cushion on the benches. Finally, the hanging of the restored altarpiece (approx. 4 x 6 m) next to the organ was restored.