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House N | Private residential building | Landshut

The new residential house is located on the southern periphery of Landshut and is surrounded by estate houses from the 1970ies and 1980ies. In 2005 an existing farm-stead had been dissolved and instead three pieces of land for the building of single family houses were emerged. House N has been erected on the southernmost parcel of land.

Guiding example for the design of the house was the typical historic Lower Bavarian farm-house. These are mostly 2-level-houses with a brick-built ground floor and on its top the upper floor with a visible log-construction.

The architectural symbolism of the building is simple and reduced to the essentials. The chosen materials are emphasizing the concept of the construction. Masonry walls on the ground floor make the wall base for the on top attached appearing upper floor. With its copper slatted curtain cladding the log-construction of historic farm-houses was interpreted in a new way. In order to intensify the impression of a compact building unit, the aim was to find exclusively one material for both roof cladding and facade. The idea was to use a material which shows its own momentum of color. It also should have the ability of natural aging without all-time maintenance requirements; local craftsmen should be able to handle the material. Based on this the chosen material was Tecu Oxid which unites all required features.

By the inner organization of the building the different utilization areas are clearly readable. The ground floor accommodates general utilities as cooking, eating, living and office-working. These rooms appear as a public and welcoming space; openings and windows are largely, generously and room-high constructed. All rooms are southward located. Subordinated rooms as entry, restroom and pantry lie northward; their openings are minimized to the essential. Private and quiet spaces like the children’s room, sleeping room or library are located on the upper floor. From the outside the upper floor shows itself as a compact unit with its isolated and ventilated copper slatted curtain cladding. That way it wants to give the feeling of shelter and security.