Reconstruction endoscopy | Caritas Hospital | Regensburg

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Reconstruction endoscopy at the Caritas hospital St. Josef

After the new emergency room of the Caritas hospital St. Josef in Regensburg went into operation, the reconstruction of the vacated old emergency rooms began. The aim of the rebuilding measures was to accommodate the existing endoscopy in new rooms together with the functional diagnostics/proctology.

The result is three endoscopy rooms with a recovery room, an impure workplace and two rooms for the preparation of equipment as well as a doctor’s room, waiting area and common rooms. Two of the three endoscopy rooms are used as treatment rooms; the last room is equipped with a fluoroscopy device. Two rooms also belong to the functional diagnostics/proctology department.
The existing structure in which the endoscopy is located basically consists of reinforced concrete columns with the same type of ceilings. The façade is made up of concrete parapets with core insulation and plastered brick shell. The window elements are made of white light metal profiles. A compound screed is laid.

In addition to suspended mineral fibre acoustic ceilings, an F30 metal cassette ceiling was used for the interior fittings. The lighting concept includes recessed LED downlights, LED cleanroom luminaires and recessed LED luminaires. Further furnishing elements are PVC and natural stone floor coverings; walls are tiled or fitted with glass fibre wallpaper or wall protection. All revolving and sliding doors in the interior are made of wood. For a more pleasant atmosphere, all doors are covered with oak veneer.

The biggest challenge of the project was the reconstruction during operation, as the construction site is located inside the hospital.