Reconstruction Castle Deutenkofen

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Alteration and reconstruction of a landmarked Castle

Castle Deutenkofen near Landshut is a late renaissance building from the beginning of the 17. Century. This as landmark registered building is a three-level brick structure with two corner turrets on the south side facade. The castle itself is located on a ca. 1 ha large and also landmarked pleasure ground – the so called „palace garden“. After elaborate reconstruction and modernization works the castle now provides three rental apartments.

To understand the old structure to make an appropriate concept of all necessary measures a catalogue of measures has been developed in close collaboration with the regional authorities for preservation of monuments and historic buildings (Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege); an extract of the undertaken measures:

  • Restoration of historic floor tiles; all wood materials such as door frames and door leaves, double windows; replacement of damaged roof tiles on the hipped roof.
  • replacements: external doors; plate roofing on the corner turrets
  • modernization: all domestic installation; new bathrooms and sanitary installation; electricity and heating facilities
  • reconstruction: driveway of the building as well as the outdoor stairs
  • demolition: partly demolishing the balustrade in preparation of the added balcony; miscellaneous breakthrough and removals of subordinated walls
  • additions / alterations: building an enclosed flame-resistant stairwell; partitioning by dry construction; added balcony

Main goal of all considerations during the construction and modernization process was to maintain and conserve historic building structures as well as gently handling the monument. Another important aspect is to uphold the ability of deconstructing undertaken measures and still not touching the historic building structure.