This is ALN

ALN was founded 1977 by architect Peter Leinhäupl in Landshut / Bavaria/ Germany. 40 years and approx. 400 projects later Peter Leinhäupl, Barbara Neuber and Markus Neuber transform the office 2008 into ALN Architekturbüro Leinhäupl + Neuber GmbH.

Today we have a team of around 40 members with multicultural background and of different disciplines and competences, personally as well as professionally.

Focusing the user.

Center of all our considerations is the user. What are his needs? How can we meet them? What impact do they have on us architects, designers, construction engineers, construction companies, and our whole network?

About Architecture.

Architecture happens everywhere. Within the smallest village. In a big city. In the open countryside. Or just simply in a gap between buildings.
We are looking at things in its entirety and acting consistently. No object without its surrounding. No building without the behind lying hill. Or field. Or neighboring building. Small. Or big. Discreet. Or just the grand gesture. Economical. Personal. And in any case: emotional. Architecture leaves no one indifferent. Us not anyway. We like to meet challenges. Every day. No matter if a project comes along like a diva. Or is just being easy-going.

Multidisciplinarity. Teamwork. Network

We are local actors aiming at becoming a global player by the time.
Individuals but still team players. Specialists and generalists. Seeing the details and still getting the big picture. Multidisciplinary competence. Working in a network. Supporting a vivid discussion on architecture. Facing the new and challenging issues architecture has to meet these days: where space, communication, mobility, location, information and sustainability are redefined.


Currently we are a team of around 40 members, including

interior architects
landscape architect
civil engineers
construction managers
office assistants
project leaders
fire protection planer
InDesign-pic- and text-Sorter

We speak german, english, spanish, italian, french, russian, polish, hungarian, slovenian, croatian, serbian, albanian and lower bavarian.

We like running, hiking and cycling. We know how to ski and some of us do yoga. But sometimes we just like to hangout in the “Biergarten”.


Stefano Baldon

M.Sc. Architecture
Planning Team

Nina Bogdanski

Business Economist (VWA)
Office assistance

Maja Boškovic

M.A. Architecture
Planning Team

Martina Cvetkovic

M.Arch I MAS ETH in Housing
Planning Team

Valentina Damian

M.Sc. Architecture
Planning Team

Pablo De la Rubia

M.Sc. Architecture
Planning Team

Peter Ellmauer

Structural engineer
Team Construction Site Management

Lavinia Gradisteanu

Master of Architecture
Planning Team

Manuel Hilmer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architect
Planning Team

Balázs Horváth

Dipl.-Ing. for Civil Engingeering
Team Construction Site Management

Alexandra Huber

B.A. Architecture

Lorena Hyso

M.Sc. Architecture
Planning Team

Andreas Ingerl

Team Construction Site Management

Jakob Keilhofer

B.A. Architecture
Planning Team

Klaus Köstler

Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Planning Team & Construction Site Manager

Peter Leinhäupl

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architect
Founder & Managing Partner

Pentti Marttunen

Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Architect
Planning Team

Anna Maciejewska

B.Sc. Architecture

Felix Mühlbauer

Bachelor of Architecture
Team Construction Site Manangement

Barbara Neuber

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architect
Founder & Managing Partner

Markus Neuber

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Civil Engineer/Architect
Founder & Managing Partner

Peter Naumburg

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architect
Planning Team & Construction Site Manager

Torlan Niedereder

B.A. Architecture
Planning Team

Maximilian Obermaier

B. Eng. Civil Engingeering
Team Construction Site Management

Gabrijela Obert

Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Architect
Public Relations

Verona Peterlik

office administrator
team assistance

Paul Rapp
Martina Rauchenecker
Katharina Riedl
Sandra Riemerschmid

team support

Thorsten Schlossmann

B. SC. Urban Design
Planning team

Julia Schwinghammer
Thomas Sorgenfrei


Mark Stetter
Stefan Vogl


Nicole Weber
David Wojan
Wadim Zwicker