New nursing school building | Caritas Hospital | Regensburg

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New nursing school building | Caritas-Hospital St. Joseph

The training capacity of the nursing school of the Caritas Hospital St. Josef in Regensburg has continuously increased in recent years, so that the available space was no longer sufficient. The erection of an extension building directly adjacent to the hospital administration building was decided.

The height of the building is limited to two floors, with interventions on the outer wall of the existing building to create a direct connection. The school has seven classrooms and two specialist rooms on two levels, plus three group rooms and fourteen instructor offices. The technical areas are located in the basement together with additional office space. The two recreational rooms are positioned in a glazed intermediate building, which clearly separates the old building from the new one. The structure of the annex consists of reinforced concrete walls and reinforced concrete ceilings. The main entrance is a combination of reinforced concrete stairs (basement to ground floor) and an open steel staircase in the open space.

The external walls consist of a composite thermal insulation system with a plaster surface, the window elements are designed as wood-aluminium mullion-transom elements. Outside, these windows have been given a sheet metal reveal cladding as a design element. In the interior, the deep window soffits including the window sills are made of multiplex wood and can be used as seating elements in the classrooms. The interior walls are designed in drywall construction to ensure maximum flexibility.

In the outdoor area, the existing car park was dissolved and new footpaths were built around the new building will lead from Landshuter Strasse and Plato-Wild-Strasse to the main entrance. The inner courtyard will serve as a recreation area and is equipped with seating steps, which offer space for “open-air” events, for example.