Residential and office building | Landshut

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New residential and office building

The aim of the project is the erection of both residential and office building including a basement garage in the very center of the old town of Landshut in Lower Bavaria.

The building is right on the borderline between the landmarked old city and the hill with the Trausnitz castle located on its top. With this being a strategic point, you have a clear view as well to the city church (~100m) as to the backside up to the castle (~70m).The transition from town to nature makes at the same time the official borderline between city and urban hinterland.

Besides the main concerns during the design process the biggest challenge was to deal with the terrain that has more than 70% steepness. This issue led to the task of designing a structural membrane wall, which had a direct impact on the final design.

What came out is a minimalistic structure covered in corten steel symbolizing the Castle Gate. The main reason choosing corten steel was its ability for getting its very special patina by the time which perfectly matches both to the structure of the Old City and the nature and landscape on the backside. Further the house is designed that way that the main view leads to St. Martin and the old town of Landshut. Being covered by neighboring houses the building itself stays private without letting any direct sight to the inside.

About Landshut

The city of Landshut together with the Trausnitz castle were founded in 1204 and were for a long time the Wittelsbach residence before the Duke’s family and university moved to Munich in the 16th century. The landmarked old town is predominantly characterized by gothic architecture, accompanied by renaissance and baroque elements. The gothic church of St. Martin is featuring the world’s tallest brick tower. Old middle-class houses still represent the history of the town from Gothic times to Neo-Classicism. The new residential and office building is right on the border city/castle hill with a view to the main city church of St. Martin.
The urban structure is based on a gate city with the Duke’s castle up on the hill (~80m above the city) on the one side and the river Isar bordering the city on the other.