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Preserving monuments | Saving history | Landshut

The two historic shed buildings close to the bank of the river Isar are property of the Holy-Spirit-home foundation, which lays in direct proximity. The foundation was conducted already in 1208 for exclusively social purposes – to this day. A home for the elderly is located in the neighborhood. 1451 the southward shed building was erected, 1484 the second one on the north side. Both buildings were used as cowshed as well as storage for animal feed and served at that time as self-supply.

The buildings show two orthogonal roof structure systems: the big shed has a two-storey roof construction with a top beam level, the other building has a Prussian cap vault within the collar beam roof. Both roof construction systems are very characteristic for this period of time. By the centuries the buildings had been repeatedly modified and until the 1980ies they had experienced several alterations, renovations and partial demolitions. In the course of static sanitation of the roof structure a new passage way now has been made – having a cross vaulting in the northern shed and the antique floor beams. This passage stretches itself between the Ländgasse No. 109 and the Isar-promenade.

The idea of the planning concept was the improvement of the structural analysis and in particular the roof constructions. Additionally the façade of the western gable end of the north shed has been renovated. After restoration of the cross vaulting the passage appears in an original condition. The new construction of the open and visible roof framework gives an open view from the passage way up to the pediment of the roof. A round tour in the area of the flexible foundation beam has an direct impact on the static of the building and reinforces it. Together with the restoration concept a cultural concept has been developed to give the public the chance to experience this very typical building of the Old Town of Landshut. The passage way with the bordering shed on the north side are open to the culturally interested public. Huge glass-enclosed panels on the west side of the passage give information about the history of the Holy-Spirit-hospital as well as the different historic construction stages of the shed building. The studio of the northern shed is designed for temporary exhibitions.

The complete ensemble is a registered monument.