New emergency room building | Caritas Hospital | Regensburg

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New emergency room building | Caritas-Hospital St. Joseph

After extensively adding, restructuring and refurbishing several areas within the complex of the hospital the Caritas hospital St. Joseph in Regensburg from 2008 to 2012 next step was the erection of a new emergency room building with around 1.500 m² floor space. This is already the third construction stage planned and initiated by ALN; construction works have been carried out during normal operation. Additional to the new building outdoor areas where new planned and designed like a roof greening concept (1050 m²), redesigning open space including gardening elements as well as the new organization of the parking lot.

Concept and construction

The ER is a compact single located building being a concrete frame construction with an Alucobond-facing with air space and embedded Structural glazing-façade elements. The building is directly connected with the hospital building by a passage.
Special features of the new building are the following: a roof-covered delivery area for the emergency rescue service as well as separate pedestrian access, fifteen modern equipped surgeries, a modern waiting room, a trauma room, a room for small surgical interventions and an isolation room with separate access for infection patients.

Center-piece of the ER is the central located counter base and the several surgery rooms arranged around it. It is where modern organization software supports the physician and nursery staff by showing the complete process of emergency hospitalization.

The concept of color and materials is light, friendly, calming but functional; surfaces are alternating with white and green and with elements of wood.