Student City Tirana

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Competition/ Modular Inner City Development

Aim of the concept is a hybrid building development in order to keep balance between the different interests and needs of the students living in there. The idea of the new University of Tirana includes here the principle of a city within the city. Although students dominate the public image of the university, locals should be also integrated into the community.

The masterplan deals with two different types of hybrid development: on the one hand undeveloped areas being redefined, on the other already existing buildings get connected by „add-on“-buildings; new student dormitories will be erected in order to accommodate more students than by now. The “Add-ons” are organized as different layers: the ground floor is planned for commercial and retail services; the upper floors provide space for living.

Main focus of the project is to cultivate unutilized space with new buildings and giving them different functions. Students should get the opportunity to find on campus the essentials of daily life within striking distance and this according to their – mostly – low budget. Hence the buildings adjust the inhabitant’s needs on campus.

Public spaces give room for different daily functions as supermarkets, drug stores, a gym, cinema, coffee shops, restaurants etc. Private spaces as the student’s dormitories provide spacious common rooms for cooking, chatting, studying and relaxing. In return individual rooms are equipped minimalistic. Outdoor space will be greened and serve as relaxation zones. A neighboring sports facility gives opportunities for gaming and sporting.