Childrens Hospital St. Marien – Landshut

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Restructuring of the surgery area

Measures were initiated by public authority order to adopting the central sterilization to the newest technical standards and regulations. Aim of the planning process was to reorganize the areas surgery, anesthetic recovering room (ARR) and central sterilization in order to get a coherent and sustainable structure. Only by these measures the newest hygiene regulations could be realized.

Since daily business at the hospital was not allowed be interrupted, all the measures were realized in several phases. Surgery service with one operating room as well as the sterilization could continue their work.

Missing storage rooms were made good within the surgery area; material and tool inventories as well as the palette cleaning were newly created. Staff changing room and the patient sluice were reorganized. A new operation ceiling with a Lamina-Air-Flow-Function was implemented in operation room No. 2, the room air classification is being now updated to RKL 1A. In order to hand out sterile goods immediately to the surgery room as well as taking back unpurified goods the position of the central sterilization has been optimized. Disadvantageous crossing points of the surgery walk ways were eased. All measures for restructuring were implemented referring to the standard, processes and circulation areas are conforming to the hygienic regulations.

The displaced ARR has been now placed in a bigger room with more and enough space not only for approximately five patient beds but also for family members in order to be able to accompany the wake up process of their child. Furthermore, the need of additional doctor’s room, examination and surgery rooms as well as a registry office were complemented. Numerous interventions into the fabric of the exiting building became necessary. New walls and suspended ceilings were realized by dry construction. New external walls were massively erected (concrete and brick stone) analog to the exiting walls.