A new physical therapy – Donauisar Klinikum Landau

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Donauisar Klinikum Landau – Physical therapy on a new level

The better days of the department of physical therapy at Landau hospital seemed to be long ago when the decision was made to put the rooms to a new level and adopt the newest medical standards. Considering this, large constructional interventions were inevitable and therefore undertaken.

In preparation of the measures contaminated material was professionally removed and reconstruction work could take place. Amongst these were works as

  • the removal of the shut aqua therapy area which was instead reshaped into a group therapy room. The whole department with its different rooms for single or group therapies or physical training were refurbished and provides now more comfort and coziness
  • gutting and redesigning brick wall structures
  • laying out new floor screed
  • cladded floors and ceilings, wallpapered and painted walls
  • energetic improvement of the south side basement exterior walls with an exterior insulation cladding and replaced new windows
  • removing the existing lightwells to provide as much daylight a possible
  • replacement and modernization of all building equipment and appliances
  • barrier-free medical care for handicapped patients (barrier-free restrooms, ergonomic shaped counter and a spacious cabinet for single therapy)

The new room arrangement has a finely balanced color concept and provides both patients and staff members a comfortable atmosphere. Through reconstructing the organization of rooms an efficient and patient orientated operating procedure is guaranteed according to the current standard. After ten month of construction and rebuilding measures the department of physical therapy has been now reopened.